Anjul Nigam is a veteran actor who has been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.  Born and initially raised in Mumbai, India, Anjul is graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.  He is a founding partner at Brittany House Pictures where he is producing the feature film “Good Ol’ Boy,” which he co-wrote, packaged with award winning talent, and in which he plays a leading role alongside Jason Lee.  Projects in development at Brittany House include the television show "The Accidental Guru" in collaboration with 20th Century Fox/Fox Digital Studios, a web series "Limbo In Lala Land," the family film "Slow and Steady," and the romantic comedy "The Cook and the Critic" in association with Emedia Films.

In addition to his work as a producer, Anjul has appeared as a supporting lead in Focus Feature’s “Bad Words” for director Jason Bateman and in the upcoming “Of Gods and Kings” for director Joe Estevez.  He has appeared as one of the supporting leads in Hallmark's BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS with Faye Dunaway and Peter Fonda under the direction of Ron Underwood; as one of the leads in 20th Century Fox's THE FIRST $20 MILLION IS THE HARDEST with Rosario Dawson and directed by Mick Jackson; and one of the supporting leads in Universal's SPEAKING OF SEX with Bill Murray and James Spader for director John McNaughton.  Anjul has also appeared in the blockbuster movies TERMINATOR: SALVATION for Warner Brothers and CLOVERFIELD for Paramount.

In television, Nigam has recurred on ABC's GREY'S ANATOMY (seven episodes) and on the ABC medical drama MDs (eight episodes), and has appeared as one of the leads in both the ABC miniseries TOM CLANCY'S NETFORCE and in Showtime's SILVER STRAND.  He has guest-starred on more than 50 primetime series including REVENGE, CHILDRENS HOSPITAL, GHOST WHISPERER, LIE TO ME, CRASH, SUPERNATURAL, CSI, CSI: NEW YORK, MEDIUM, HUFF, SHARK, ER and NYPD BLUE.

In theater, Anjul has appeared alongside fellow-NYU alumnus Philip Seymour Hoffman in the controversial production of Shakespeare’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE under the direction of Peter Sellars and which played at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and The Goodman Theatre in Chicago.

For the past four years, Anjul has had a recurring role on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and he achieved pop-cultural status with a starring turn in the long-running campaign "Tech & Talk With Ranjit and Chad” for cell phone provider MetroPCS.

As a South Asian artist, Anjul is a respected pioneer for having broken barriers so that a career in the entertainment industry is deemed a viable profession for his community.  He has been designated by Desi Club, a leading South Asian publication, as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential South Asians In the World”, and he has served as a keynote speaker and/or panelist at various engagements including “India Rising” for The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE); “Entertainment Professionals Symposium” for New York University – Tisch School of Arts; “A Career in Entertainment” for UCLA – Indian Student Union; “Careers for the New Millennium” for UC Berkley – Indian Students Association; and  The 10th Annual Conference of the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP).

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